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Materials Recycling

Committed to reducing our footprint on the environment

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Doing our part to reuse material

The natural resources used in construction aren't in infinite supply, and we believe that wherever possible these resources deserve a second chance to bring value to projects.  So rather than sending all our "waste" directly to a landfill, we aim to recycle it in other projects.

Using our own equipment we can reclaim timber framing, copper, steel and aluminum from your project and put these valuable resources to good use. Concrete, masonry and stone can be crushed and reused as clean, hard fill.

Some of the most important natural resources we salvage are large trees that would otherwise be destroyed in the demolition process, which we can move and transplant on or off site. 
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Demolitions Services

Project Safety

Completed Projects

5th Ave Dam removal & Lower Olentangy River Ecosystem Restoration Project Columbus Ohio

Toledo Libbey High School Demolition

Blue Ash Airport

Dayton Public Schools Patterson Kennedy School

Grand Blvd. Redevelopment Project

Mason/Muddy Creek Stream Restoration

Northwestern School System Springfield Ohio

Roosevelt H.S. Dayton Ohio

Sands Montessori School Demolition

Mapledale Elementary BP 22 & 24 Demolition & Sitework  




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